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March 2014 We entered our first contest. Unlike many others who will hand make a "special" bottle for competition, which receives extra care in its production, we simply pulled two bottles from our regular production run and sent them off. That is how we do things, honest and straight-forward. We entered this International competition with just one product, our Troubadour Vodka right off the bottling table among the same bottles that shipped out that week to your stores. Im proud to say we took the Bronze without even accompanying our entry or preparing a "special" entry.

Good news for the fans of the Blended Whiskey, we wont be out for very long. Our aging Bourbon will hit the 2 year mark in April and it will again be going in part to bottle our blended whiskey.

Our new TLD Vodka is now out. You will find its look to be similar of what you expect from Texas Legend Distillery but at a lower price than the Troubadour Vodka. We will be ramping up its production over the coming month.

Im also beginning development of a rum. I will post information on it in a couple of weeks as I finish the label development and approval.

Texas Residents can also order our products or send our products as gifts right here: More TROUBADOUR

Your local stores include; Reds, Docs, Luckys, Sams, Longhorn, varies clubs and restaurants like Spankys, Mongolian Grill, Fast Eddies, Island Liquor, local VFW's and more. If we haven't listed you, send me your business name and I will add you!

If your favorite store isnt carrying our products, please ask them to contact our distributor, United Wine & Spirits in Houston to carry.
We hope to see you again! If you have any ideas, suggestions, marketing contests, events, songs, drawings, paintings, pictures, poems etc about Texas, Troubadour or just you and your friends enjoying a night out, please send those to me at I love sharing them on the website with others.
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